Water Damage Photo Gallery

A wet tile floor is shown.

Water Damage Prevention Tips for Alexandria Residents?

Do you know what to do if your home experiences water damage? SERVPRO® of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties responds to water damage emergencies 24-hours a day. To learn about water damage safety, read our blog, here.

Concrete floor with standing water sitting.

Commercial Flooding

After this airport suffered water damage from a recent storm, SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties sprang into action! Let SERVPRO get you back to work, and back into your home! Leaving your space "Like it never even happened."

Man in PPE standing in a room with the floors torn up.

Kitchen Sink Leak

Damages from water need immediate attention. We're available 24/7 because starting the restoration process at the first sign can help you limit the amount of damages to your home. SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties is always here to help make it "Like it never even happened." 

A tiled shower floor is shown.

Shower Pan Leaking in Moorhead?

Is your home more than twenty years old? If so, you might have a faulty shower pan causing water leaks and damage. SERVPRO® of Moorhead responds to water damage emergencies 24-hours a day. To learn more about inspecting your shower pan, read our latest blog here. 

Men posing in front of three SERVPRO vehicles.

Damage Happens

Fire, water, or mold, we're here to get it controlled!

Disasters happen. When they do, SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties is here to help. (320) 219-6505 Team Rossum makes it "Like it never even happened."

Extraction equipment on a hardwood floor.

Flooding Hardwood Floors

The first step to making any flood job easier, faster, and financially savvy is to start with water extraction tools. After you call your local SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties of course. (320) 219-6505

Person with green scrubs over their shoes.

Restore vs Replace

Call SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties at the first signs of water loss. Our team of technicians will work hard to save your floors! Our goal is to restore verses replace. (320) 219-6505

Cracked tile in a kitchen.

Water Cleanup in a Kitchen

Water, when left for long periods of time can break down many different materials. In this Fergus Falls residence standing water was left for too long, which caused the breakage. Contact SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties if you find a leak in your home. 

Flooded crawlspace

Structural Damage

In this Fergus Falls home's crawl space is completely flooded. A large storm hit this home causing flooding and structural damage. Our crew is going to mitigate the damage and help restore this home. 

Six green air movers on a living room floor.

Living Room Restoration

Obviously, this was a pretty big water loss. Six air movers? Sheesh. Good thing our team has plenty of equipment to go around. SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties is ready for anything that may be thrown at them! 

Clean kitchen in Fergus Falls.


In this photo it shows a nice clean kitchen. This is the aftermath of one of our water damage restoration projects. Luckily, the response was immediate after a pipe started leaking. The homeowners quick reaction time saved them their floors, cabinets, and more! 

Water Damage in Douglas County

Have you ever come home to water in your home? If so, call your local SERVPRO at (320) 219-6505. We know that water leaks need to be taken care of quickly. Let the professionals take care of the damage for you. 

Is there mold in your home?

Indoors, mold needs moisture to grow; water damage may be reason behind mold in your home. Elevated and prolonged humidity, or dampness are the reasons behind mold growth. If you believe you may have mold in your home, call SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties to help you find a solution. (320) 219-6505

Hardwood Inject Floor Drying System

This homeowner in Alexandria, MN had water damage to their hardwood floors after their leaky sink pipe broke. Luckily SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties had all the right equipment to help salvage their floors. Check out the image to see SERVPRO's Hardwood Inject Floor Drying System.

Water Travels Quickly

Water moves rapidly!  Any water loss event in your property can cause damage several feet, and even floors, away from the initial location of the event.  Here it traveled into a light fixture.  SERVPRO of Douglas & Otter Tail Counties professionals are trained to know where to look!